The Long Island Travel Agents Association is a nationally recognized organization of professional, full service, retail travel agencies located in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York State. Membership is open to owners and managers of qualified companies. In addition, LITAA members are local business people, often belonging to local Chambers of Commerce, Better Business Bureaus and local service organizations. Members have made long term financial and service commitments to their communities.

LITAA agencies employ hundreds of qualified personnel, who continually update and increase their education through numerous programs provided within the industry. In addition, they travel throughout the year to inspect hotel properties, new and upcoming destinations and cruise ships. They review all modes of transportation and travel resorts worldwide. The consumer will receive the benefit of LITAA members’ extensive travel expertise when consulting them for travel arrangements. These agencies will make every effort to save you time, money and fulfill your vacation dreams.

Yes, you can handle many travel arrangements on your own. However, our members can present you with quality choices. As professionals in the field, we know who the reputable, tour operators are to every  destination. We can recommend tours with suppliers who are insured and bonded for your protection. There are many “bargains” to be found on the internet. However the majority of those deals can be purchased through a LITAA professional with the added benefit of consulting someone locally. LITAA agencies have access to thousands of travel opportunities and to numerous sites which are available only to travel agents, not the consumer. Put a travel professional to work for you. There are LITAA agencies that have created web sites for your 24 hour shopping needs. However, you will also be able to reach a “person” or make an appointment at a local business to finalize your plans, if that is your preference.


Members remain at the forefront when it comes to protecting consumer rights in relation to travel issues. Our members have been strong supporters of the Airlines Passenger Bill of Rights, as well as many other pieces of pro-consumer travel legislation.

When you are faced with a personal or medical emergency, even a death in the family – you can count on your LITAA professional to be there to assist you in your time of need. Do you really want to go online at such a moment or would you prefer personalized customer service? Your professional agent’s primary role is to serve your travel needs. A supplier’s role is to sell their services. Suppliers are airlines, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, tour, and car and rail companies. Agents represent all suppliers. A travel agent is your advocate. An agent can steer you to the right supplier to serve your best interests. Take advantage of your travel advocate to assist you with your vacation and corporate travel arrangements. The added value and savings may well outweigh any fees that may be assessed.

When you need a vacation doctor call your travel specialist!